Impromptu picnic with my love! We just happened to stroll out in the desert with our picnic basket and $1,000 umbrella to bask in the sandy sun and gaze into each other’s eyes. We sat in silence and just stared at each other all afternoon, mostly wondering how we got here. Love is about communication and we had a whole conversation just by staring into each other’s eyes. I spent most of the time asking him with my eyes where his shoes were. He responded with a quick glance and no words “I don’t know, how do we get home from here? The sand is hot and it's burning my feet.”

Love is a carefully tended garden. I cut this into a hedge wall in the front yard today. A little surprise to show my spouse just how much I love them. I plan to stick my face in this when my spouse comes outside. Although I can now see into the neighbor’s yard so I hope he doesn’t stick his face in the heart first and then my spouse falls in love with them instead... Anyway, yard work wins hearts.

In a sea of pigeons, you're the only one I want. These pigeons symbolize my fluttering heart abound with emotions and one of them even crapped on my head which I take as a sign from the universe that this is meant to be. I will never wash my head again.

Sunday breakfast in bed! My spouse makes this EVERY day. Nothing too fancy but this makes me love her a million times over. She knows banana bunches are my favorite. She climbed up a tree to get these and yes they're organic. I sat and ate this entire spread while I mouthed “I love you” to her. This honestly is the big secret to marital bliss. It takes her 15 minutes to make all this. She is fantastic.

#bananabunches #breakfastinbed #coupleswhobrunchtogethermunchtogether

Doing our Danny Zuko and Sandy thang. Matching leather jackets keeps our souls bound together. We just watched Grease together and overnighted these leather jackets in for this post. If you aren't dressing the same then WYD?

This is my baby! And my baby ONLY. You see my eyes. I am watching you. You know what move along to the next post because you’ve been staring at my girl too long and this is my "you better move on look". I hope I break the camera with my stare.

Updated: Feb 9

I'm a blog post and I'm here to tell you your relationship is DOOMED if you are NOT doing these vital few things!!! Follow the advice I'm dishing out for free! Yes, for free! Read that again, FOR FREE and save your relationship!

Pop marriage quizzes like this are a great way to keep your partner on their toes and your marriage sharp. You can find out if your love is true love by this one question. Who watches Smallville still you ask? Great question but a separate discussion altogether. Asking this random question is a good way to gauge how much your significant other loves you. Would they put up with you being a couch potato for 17 hours straight binging a mediocre old show? You'll see!

Good relationships always include excessive amounts of something called "endearment terms". Most of the endearment terms are already taken. Try making up something new for the person you love oh so much! I'll loan you mine - Fluffbutt! Next time you're on the toilet and you run out of toilet paper, yell to your significant other "Hey Fluffbutt! I need help in here!" A simple endearment term like this will skyrocket your marriage into success.

Always keep lines of communication open to talk to each other but don't own up to things that might start an argument. Like when you put your chicken soup in the microwave without a protective piece of paper towel over the top and you reheat it and the carrots explode, shit! Just play dumb or blame it on the dog!

So, so important! If you aren't doing this one, do start! I've used this tip before because it is a solid goldie. Your marriage will instantaneously combust into love actualized. Guaranteed or your money back! Nevermind, I forgot I'm giving you this for free! It is so often overlooked but the return on investment is indisputable on this. Show them you will dedicate your life to them not smelling your #2!

Make some personal candy hearts for your beloved. Include fun things like "Hot doggy" so they know you're hot for them. And even include fun things you do together like tracking packages. It will remind them of all the reasons you're in this marriage together. You can even confess to things here because candy hearts are so tiny it will be near impossible to read some of the things you put on them (like accidentally exploding things in the microwave!).

Remember I'm a blog post and I will constantly remind you there is probably something you're doing WRONG in your relationship but most importantly, have fun this Valentine's Day!

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