21 Relationship Red Flags That’ll Make You Go What The Actual F**K

What’s a red flag? It is a warning sign that your partner is probably nuts and you should dump them. Most people are completely love blinded and ignore major red flags until about a year and a half into the relationship when they sit awake and wonder "how did I miss these red flags?" Let me help you out. Here is a list of major red flags for you to look out for when you're completely love drunk.

  1. They show you their family photo album and it’s all stock photos – yikes, need I say more?

  2. They say they’re going to meet their friends for lunch and pictures of them partying in Tahiti pop up in your social media feed

  3. If your partner says they’re going out to “do some things” and don’t return for 7 days

  4. If they call you before texting and then leave you voicemail and then ask you to call you back and give you a landline phone number - what the actual f**k?

  5. If they leave for the gym and come back with a pony

  6. If you open their underwear drawer and it’s full of red flags

  7. If they play videos from their phone on full volume in public – this is actually the first sign of a sociopath

  8. If they say they’re starting a podcast – run!

  9. If they wear boat shoes but don’t own a boat

  10. If they have a dishwasher but prefer to hand wash dishes - what are they hiding??

  11. If they cut the crust off sandwiches and then just eat the crust – I’m not necessarily sure how this would affect your relationship but this is just a problem

  12. Own more than one pair of corduroy pants

  13. If they know how to pronounce the correct sizes at Starbucks

  14. If they enjoy waiting in line - anywhere

  15. If they get mad you won’t answer your phone when you’re sitting across from them

  16. If they still go to the mall – what are they stuck in 2002?

  17. Their favorite restaurant is Applebees

  18. They start talking to you about cryptocurrency

  19. They hum to themselves while walking around

  20. If they don’t light a candle after taking a #2 – this shows a lack of consideration for your well-being

  21. Uh-oh, I forgot I put 21 signs. So...hmm. I'm running out of ideas - if they hold up a red flag, run!

This list is definitely non-exhaustive but should give you enough signs to know when to break it off.


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