5 Signs Your love interest is Playing Games With You and How to Join In So You Don’t Miss the Fun!

So you got a crush, and you thought you could just say "hey I got a thing for you"...WRONG. You found out this person is a game wizard and it can't be that simple. A lot of times people say someone who plays mind games with you isn’t a good choice. But if you love games then I’m not sure why it has to be a deal breaker. Next time they start playing games, just join in! Why should they get to have all the fun? Grab some popcorn it's game night. Yahtzee!

They say they like you but never, ever text you.

Ghosts are way cool

Another term for this is “ghosting”. Which is why you should bring a Ouija board out and text them a picture of it saying you’re already playing!


They say they like you, then act like they don't, then act like they do, then they don't, then what the actual?

you makin' this Rubik's cube look easy

Hanging out with them leaves you feeling just as confused as that dream you had of your dog ordering a pizza - how can a dog use the phone? OK you get the point...Anyway, one minute they like you and the next they keep you guessing. Get a Rubik's cube out and let them know solving that would be easier and thank them for sharpening your mental acuity.


They say they want to be exclusive but they don't like "labels" so you can be stuck in limbo indefinitely.

gotta catch 'em all

What this means is they want you to be exclusive while they weigh their options. That’s great for them because you’re currently playing Pokémon and you got about a dozen Poke balls left to go snag some other dates.


They want you to call them, lest they be bothered to make a phone call.

Say what?

You're always the one calling them. You'd think they'd have an assistant pick up the phone calls by the way they act like they're too "busy". Well, if they always want you to pick up the phone and call, then you might as well play telephone. Pass along useless second-hand gossip that you overheard at the local diner, get all the details wrong and then hang up.


Jealousy is their best flirting technique.

So they want to let you know how many other romantic opportunities they have or could get so you feel like you'll miss out lest you not give them a call but...Uh-oh, do they know you still own your Dream Phone board game? Chad is waiting on line 1. And Brett. And Josh. The phone is ringing off the hook!

After dating someone like this, you'll be ready to be on Jeopardy! Or even try out for the Olympic games. Now you might have a standing chance to check mate 'em.


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