5 ways to teach your dog about money

Did you know 107% of dogs don't know what money is? But most dogs love shopping. Whether it be perusing the squeaky toy aisle of Petco or adding another box of jumbo Milk-Bones into your Chewy order behind your back. Don’t let your dog’s spending habits blow your budget every month. Teach him healthy money habits with some of the below methods.

1. Leave price tags on everything so he gets a general idea of how much things cost


2. Let your dog know that he should consider a job by giving him a couple pats on the head and saying “you know at your age I had a full time job”


3. Put a savings jar next to his bed labeled “savings”


4. Bring him out for ice cream and say “oops I forgot my wallet, can you get this?” This shows him that things cost money.


5. Have him set up a lemonade stand outside with a jar that says “college fund” so he can learn to run his own business and save for college at the same time

If done correctly, your dog will think twice before ordering 10 new pairs of dog shoes off Amazon and will be financially independent in no time! And who knows maybe he will even buy YOU a few things for a change!


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