Are you insecure in your relationship? probably. it's a bad sign that you're reading this.

If you’re reading this, this is already a really bad sign already. Oh wait, are you asking me for advice? Well, it seems like you came all this way for help, so I will try my best to answer your question. I outlined below some probably common signs that you are insecure in your relationship.


You hang on your partner’s back like a baby panda

While it is OK for a baby panda to hang on someone’s back, it might not be for you. This is the ultimate display of insecurity. Nothing says “don't leave me” more than hanging on your partner’s back while they try to walk around and do things. They are probably going to get tired of carrying you around and it'll make their back hurt.*

*I'm not a medical doctor but I try to offer valuable insights where possible.


Your jeans fall off when you don’t wear a belt

If you put jeans on and start walking around and they begin to slouch and then eventually fall down then this means you are insecure. Your pants aren’t secure enough to stay on you and they are trying to leave.


You ask to be tucked into bed

Sometimes this is OK but under the pretenses of this article this might come off as highly insecure. If you can't sleep without being tucked in and wrapped like a burrito in bed then it's a problem.


It looks like I was able to answer your relationship question after all. I hope you are now able to realize the ways in which you are probably being insecure. Good luck!