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Get Your Commemorative Daylight Savings Flashlight Today!

On November 5, 2023 the legendary Daylight Savings occurred once again where the clocks "jumped behind" an hour and our world was plunged into chaotic darkness after the clock hand hits 5:00 p.m. Fascinating! We're trying to make it sound extra exciting so we can scam, I mean, sell you a piece of junk, oops we mean memorabilia! What better way to remember this special day and let people know you were in fact THERE than with a commemorative flashlight that you can shine around in the dark?

Our commemorative flashlight is one-of-a-kind as it's engraved with the date 11/5/23 and it's priced competitively as the #1 Most Expensive Junkiest Flashlights You Can Own!

Grab yours today with just 5 completely laborious payments of $99.95 where we will hassle you for the payment until you cough up the cash.

And for an extra three payments of $89 you'll get a bonus engraving of "I Was There" that is sure to impress absolutely no one but it will inflate your ego for about 15 minutes, guaranteed.

Don't forget to mark your calendar because next season is Daylight Savings 2024 and we don't want to miss our chance to rip you off again!

a joke parody flashlight commemorating Daylight Savings Time

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