Is your dog trying to intentionally sabotage your relationship?

So you've got yourself a mutt. And a new date. But you're starting to think your dog might be doing some things on purpose to sabotage your romantic life. Well guess what? You're probably right. Why would they do this? I dunno why do dogs chase their own tail? Nothing they do makes any sense. But that doesn't mean you have to be blind to their efforts at sabotaging your dating life. This quick advice can help you spot the major signs that your dog is trying to get you dumped.

They Create A Fake Profile For You On

This is a common tactic used by dogs and one of the easiest ways to cause distress in your relationship. If they are creating a fake profile and sending it to your partner then it's safe to say they're trying to get you dumped. Try explaining that your dog made the fake profile, sounds like a poor attempt at a lie right? If your partner believes the ruse, you're going to have a hard time trying to patch things up.

When You're Making Out Your Dog Pops Up And Stares At Your Date Until They Say "Hey Your Dog Is Starting To Give Me The Creeps."

Do you ever wonder why your dog suddenly appears when you're trying to get laid? It's disturbing every time but the only reason they do this is because THEY ARE PLAYING DUMB. They know their presence cannot be ignored and eventually it will become too distracting for your date and they will pack up and go home.

Your Dog Takes a #2 In Your Date's Shoe And Tries To Blame It On You.

Immature right? That's dogs for ya though. Unfortunately, this is a highly effective tactic your dog will use and it will cause you to be dumped (no pun intended) 9 out of 10 times. If your date has even the smallest inkling that you might have done it you can bet you won't be getting a call back.

Your Dog Calls When You're On A Date And Says "I Ate A Sock Again So You're Gonna Have to Cut Your Date Short And Make Sure I Sh*t It Out."

This one is a huge call for attention. Dogs are pack animals. They do not like to be left alone. So if your dog eats a sock every time you leave to go on a date, he is trying to destroy your date - plain and simple. He knows you will rush home to make sure he's alive and well. And then you will stay awake all night making sure the sock passes through him which will ruin any chances of you meeting back up with your date that night.

Your Dog Texts Your Ex Saying You Want To Get Back Together And To Come Over ASAP To Interrupt Your Dinner Date.

The classic bring the ex around to stir up trouble move. Even if your dog didn't like your ex, it won't matter. They will call them up and get them to make an appearance at an inopportune time just to stir up drama and put your current relationship on the rocks. Your dog will most likely sit in the corner playing innocent while you try to explain to your date why your ex is standing outside the window with a boom box blaring "Endless Love".

They Fly Around On A Kite At The Dog Park To Make You Look Like An Irresponsible Dog Parent.

If your dog is desperate enough to destroy your chance of a future with your partner they will go to these extremes. What better way to show your partner that you are incapable of taking care of kids if your dog is flying around on a kite at the dog park? And trust me, your dog doesn't want any kids in the picture. Every one around will be like "whose dog is that up there? Oh my god, were you even watching him how did he get up there?" and you will look like a dumb idiot who can't even properly watch their dog or a kid for that matter destroying any future your partner saw with you.

Now your at least aware of some of the tricks dogs will pull to blow up your relationship. This is by no means a conclusive list but a few of the major things to watch out for. Be vigilant and call your dog out when he's out of line.


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