The world is sooo..

serious. What’s up with that? Like stocks and Excel sheets – who invented those things? And retirement funds and business meetings, stop you’re making my head hurt.

And wearing suits to job interviews, and the perfect resume and the news. Hey, I said stop you’re making my head spin.

And having the perfect set of guidelines for relationships and marriages and OK you’re exhausting me now I need a nap.

How can I take life seriously when I’m constantly being tapped on the shoulder while out shopping and people start talking to me like I work there? This keeps happening to me, why?

Or when I get dressed up for a work event and halfway through it realize an ornament from my tree somehow got stuck to my dress and has been dangling from it the whole time.

Or the time someone told me I looked great but the back of my skirt was tucked into my tights.

Or the time I ran to the subway in high heels and fell down the entire flight of stairs trying to catch a train? Oh, don't worry about me I totally meant to do that...

I'm Brisa...

My life is a series of awkward & random moments. I know this, which is why I cannot take myself seriously and neither should you, or you’ll end up scratching your head wondering what’s going on and neither of us want that.

If you were here I would probably try to give you a hug and swoop in but then second guess if you're a hugger and then awkwardly embrace you and replay it in my head for the rest of the day.

I've studied sketch, satire, writing for TV/Film & Webseries with The Second City, Chicago. I've also spent time performing stand up at ImprovBoston and have thrown a few other workshops into the mix over the years (see the full list below.) 

I love to see expectations and flip them upside down in my writing and whatever else I decide to do. So if you like that too, I THINK I can make you laugh. And if you're blue, I would rather see you smile, SO I WILL TRY ANYTHING. Stick around because I think you're awesome.

where did I learn what I say I know?

The Second City

Sketch Writing 1, 2 & 3

Satire Writing 1, 2 & 3

Writing Your Webseries

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows 

Writing for TV & Film

Writing Sadness Through Humor


Stand-up comedy 

Improvisation 1


The Onion & Clickhole Present: The Art of Satire in a World of Fake News

- The Rockwell, Boston

Satire and Humor Festival: There's No "I" in Short Humorous Prose

- Magnet Theater, NYC

Satire and Humor Festival: Become Your Own One-Person Comedic Design Team

- Magnet Theater, Online

Online Satire Workshop


UMass Amherst
B.A. Communications, production focus

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