You're just the best.

The world is sooo..

serious. What’s up with that? Like stocks and Excel sheets – who invented those things? And retirement funds and business meetings, stop you’re making my head hurt.

And wearing suits to job interviews, and the perfect resume and the news. Hey, I said stop you’re making my head spin.

And having the perfect set of guidelines for relationships and marriages and OK you’re exhausting me now I need a nap.

How can I take life seriously when I’m constantly being tapped on the shoulder while out shopping and people start talking to me like I work there? This keeps happening to me, why?

Or the time someone told me I looked great but the back of my skirt was tucked into my tights.

Or the time I ran to the subway in high heels and fell down the entire flight of stairs trying to catch a train? Oh, don't worry about me I totally meant to do that...

I'm Brisa...

My life is a series of awkward & random moments. I know this, which is why I cannot take myself seriously and neither should you, or you’ll end up scratching your head wondering what’s going on and neither of us want that.

If you were here I would probably try to give you a hug and swoop in but then second guess if you're a hugger and then awkwardly embrace you and replay it in my head for the rest of the day.

I've studied sketch, satire, writing for TV/Film & Webseries with The Second City, Chicago. I've also spent time performing stand up at ImprovBoston and have thrown a few other workshops into the mix over the years (see the full list below.) 

I love to see expectations and flip them upside down in my writing and whatever else I decide to do. So if you like that too, I THINK I can make you laugh. And if you're blue, I would rather see you smile, SO I WILL TRY ANYTHING. Stick around because I think you're awesome.

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where did I learn what I say I know?

The Second City

Sketch Writing 1, 2 & 3

Satire Writing 1, 2 & 3

Writing Your Webseries

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows 

Writing for TV & Film

Writing Sadness Through Humor


Stand-up comedy 

Improvisation 1

The Comedy Studio 

Standup Workroom


The Onion & Clickhole Present: The Art of Satire in a World of Fake News

- The Rockwell, Boston

Satire and Humor Festival: There's No "I" in Short Humorous Prose

- Magnet Theater, NYC

Satire and Humor Festival: Become Your Own One-Person Comedic Design Team

- Magnet Theater, Online

Online Satire Workshop


UMass Amherst
B.A. Communications, production focus