The Second City

Sketch Writing 1, 2 & 3

Satire Writing 1, 2 & 3

Writing Your Webseries

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows 

Writing for TV & Film

Writing Sadness Through Humor

Acting 101 


Stand-up comedy 

Improvisation 1

The Comedy Studio 

Standup Workroom


The Onion & Clickhole Present: The Art of Satire in a World of Fake News

- The Rockwell, Boston

Satire and Humor Festival: There's No "I" in Short Humorous Prose

- Magnet Theater, NYC

Satire and Humor Festival: Become Your Own One-Person Comedic Design Team

- Magnet Theater, Online

Online Satire Workshop


UMass Amherst
B.A. Communications, production focus

what is the world...

doing? Stocks and Excel sheets – who invented those things? Yawn. And retirement funds and business've lost my attention.

And wearing suits to job interviews, and the perfect resume and the news. Now I'm looking at you but I'm actively not listening.

And having the perfect set of guidelines for relationships and marriages and OK now I'm nodding my head like I'm hearing you but really I am thinking about the time my dog woofed at me for a McDonalds chicken nugget.

Life can be as funny as you make it out to be. ​That’s why I've gone ahead and studied sketch, satire, writing for TV/Film & Webseries with The Second City, Chicago. I've performed stand up at ImprovBoston & with The Comedy Studio and have thrown a few other workshops into the mix over the years (see the full list below.) 

Wait, what are we talking about again? Oh yeah, my satire writing. It's been featured on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Weekly Humorist, Belladonna Comedy & more. To view a writing portfolio visit the “Writing” tab. Want to read my latest from Humor Darling? There's a tab for that too. At least I think there is. For funny posts and things for comedy writers go to “Blog”. I have no plans to meet the status quo and if you're being too serious I am here to remind you that I probably just locked myself out of something right now, anyone got a spare key?

Brisa Sylvestre.

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