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Brisa Sylvestre is a comedian based out of Boston, MA. She studied comedy with The Second City, Magnet Theater, The Comedy Studio & more.

Her Irish Catholic upbringing made her wonder - is Irish Catholic it's own religion? Or is it just Catholic? She's still not sure. She also enjoys being part-time lazy and is just trying to find a decent self-care routine right now - is that too much to ask? Christ. 

She was most recently featured in the 2023 Burbank Comedy Festival, 2024 Salem Comedy Festival and her comedy writing has been featured on the satire sites The Hard Times, Humor Darling, The Boston Accent, McSweeneys Internet Tendency, Weekly Humorist, The Belladonna Comedy, Points In Case & more. She is adding “& more” here because it makes everything sound more mysterious and interesting. . She is also a member of GOLD Comedy and the Ladies Of Comedy Association - Talent.

So, what is she up to? She recently created A LIFE PARODY STUDIOS which includes the website A Life Parody and the exclusive comical newsletter and community The Après-Ski Hour. She writes and designs both sites.

She thinks the person who invented drive-thrus deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

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