Brisa Sylvestre (AKA Bree Sly) is a comedian & writer based out of Boston, MA. She has trained with The Second City, ImprovBoston, The Comedy Studio, Magnet Theater & more.

She has been featured on the satire sites McSweeneys Internet Tendency, Weekly Humorist, The Belladonna Comedy, Points In Case & more. She is adding “& more” here because it makes everything sound more mysterious and interesting.

She is also currently a contributor for the comedy sites Humor Darling and The Boston Accent and performs stand up when she feels like it.

Now that you’ve read my 3rd-person bio I have a few things to say. Well I did, but I forget what they were.

But anyways listen, the main point here is I don’t want to wear office pants or button-ups so I got into comedy. 


I also don’t understand in a world where we could dream up anything we made Excel sheets and khakis. I mean, really we could do much better here. Honestly, I think the person who invented Grub Hub deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Also, I’m adopting a pen name because about 99 out of 100 people pronounce my name incorrectly. And then I wait too long to correct people, so after the 5th time meeting someone they are usually still saying my name wrong and at that point I don't feel like I can just butt in and say "hey by the way it’s pronounced Bree-sa." It’d be awkward right? And then they would say “why the hell didn’t you correct me the first time?” And I'd say "I dunno." 

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