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Why should I sign up?
Let my newsletter be the email that breaks up the endless amount of promotional sales emails flooding your inbox. Maybe you like my writing, maybe you're a family member, maybe you think I'm funny, maybe you just feel like giving your email out. ALL valid reasons to sign up. 

What am I going to get?
A newsletter email that contains original memes, jokes, links to blog posts and anything else that'll bring good vibes to your inbox. 

How often is it?
Once a month you can expect to receive a newsletter.

Anything free?
Wow I'm glad you asked that because this entire thing is free and I do have something to give you-you'll receive my free download 
Finding The Magic Of Humor In Your Day - A How-To Guide with simple steps to bring more laughter to your day. 

OK I'm in - Now how do I sign up?
Click on Subscribe below, enter your email, hit submit and you're in! Before you close out of the box, a download link will appear below the email box after you click "submit", click the link for your PDF download.


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