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Who The F*ck Needs A Coaster When You Have This?

So, it happened. You got the dreaded "are you using a coaster?" at your friend's house after placing your beer right on their new mahogany coffee table like a total moron. Oh f*ckkk.

Present this coaster to let everyone know you in fact used using a coaster and are a highly refined house guest who wouldn't be caught dead without one. I mean, c'mon, you f*cking love coasters! Psht who WOULDN'T remember to use one?

If this doesn't work and they've discovered an emblazoned drink ring where your beer was resting, now is a great time to say "Wow, who put their beer here? Jeez ever hear of a COASTER?" and quickly run out of the house.

picture of a drink coaster that says "I used this coaster"
*Reuse coaster as needed



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