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9 Common things forgetful people do

Are you a forgetful person? Or maybe you know a forgetful person? Forgetful people are often misunderstood, but they aren’t that complicated. They're actually extremely complicated. Learn more about their behaviors below:

1. Forget Things

Surprisingly this is the #1 complaint of forgetful people.

2. Look For Things

It’s estimated that forgetful people spend 27 hours of their day, 10-thirds of their lives and all of their past lives searching for misplaced items.

3. Get Reminded They Forgot

Another sobering statistic, it’s estimated that 9,000% of incoming calls for forgetful people are reminders from appointments that they missed.

4. Wander Around Aimlessly

Most times, forgetful people forget why they came in a room. They look around and walk out, but don’t be alarmed. This is normal forgetful people behavior.

5. Get Reminded Of Things During Other Tasks

Forgetful people usually get triggered during another task and suddenly remember something else they’re supposed to be doing. Like right now I’m supposed to be at my best friend’s wedding. WAIT A SECOND I’M SUPPOSED TO BE AT MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING, WHAT TIME IS IT?

6. Lose Track Of Time & Rush Around

They have a habit of rushing around at the last minute to try and get where they need to go. CRAP I was supposed to be at the wedding 4 hours ago!! I started writing this blog and completely lost track of time!

7. Make Excuses

What should I tell everyone? No one’s gonna understand if I say I forgot. Most likely they'll say "that's what the save the date was for." Should I call and tell them I'm on my way? I mean they’re probably in the middle of the wedding…what if I say I got held up during a bank heist when I was trying to withdraw money to put in the wedding card?

8. Doubt Themselves

Is that believable?

9. Leave Tasks Unfinished

I’m gonna go with the bank heist story. I’ll just send them a clip from Oceans 11 if they ask for news footage. Be back later to finish this post -

UPDATE: NO ONE believed that bank heist story. I accidentally showed a clip of George Clooney and I guess a few of the wedding guests had seen the movie. This is a reminder for forgetful people that at least make your story believable. Is there anything I left out of this article? Let me know in the comments.

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Laura Lx
Laura Lx
23 août 2022

Oh heck I forgot to read this!

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