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How to Build A House in 6 Easy To Follow Steps by Pinterest Crafter Wendy

*Great rainy day activity for all ages!*

Building a house is a great rainy day activity. Most people think you need a professional architect to design a home. But really, anything can be done DIY from my Pinterest page.

Follow along with my easy-to-follow instructions and design the home of your dreams by the time the sun comes out!

1. For starters, here is a picture of the house we are building today, take a good look!

2. Ok now that you’ve taken a look, go ahead and start building from scratch.

Things you probably need: – wood planks – hammer – ambition

3. How's it going? You should probably be installing the windows by this point. Take a quick look at the pic again for reference. You’re doing great!

4. Checking in on your progress! Woah what's this! Looks like your house is a tad off track!

5. It should look a little more like the pic below! Take another quick look, you can do it!

6. Great job! By now you should've completed the home of your dreams all in a rainy day's work! Get ready to move in! And don't forget to share your DIY home below!

*user's home share*

I'm not sure where I went wrong with Wendy's instructions...but my DIY home looks nothing like the picture. My self confidence has plummeted and I feel I cannot move into my DIY home at this point in time.



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