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My journey with self-care flowers

What are self-care flowers? I was first introduced to this innovative concept of self-care flowers by a good friend of mine. Self-care flowers is the act of going to Trader Joe's and selecting a nice bouquet of flowers just because.

When I heard about this concept, I said goodbye to my friend mid-sentence, got in my car and zipped down to my local Trader Joe's.

And wow was I overwhelmed. Trader Joe's had about 1 million different kinds of flowers to choose from. Flowers ranging from $3 to $10,000 per bouqet.

There were oversized day lilies drooping out of a vase and for the price of $6 they seemed like the biggest value for my dollar. So I brought them home!

I placed them right on my kitchen counter and after a day of sneezing I remembered I had pollen allergies and a quick Google search revealed day lilies are the #1 worst flower for allergy sufferers.

The day lilies had to go.

So off to Trader Joe's I went to get a flower that wasn't triggering. I found a simple carnation on the ground that most likely fell out of one of the pricier bouquets (SHOPPING HACK!). It even had the imprint of someone's shoe on it. I brought it to the counter and the cashier said "it's quite literally trash it's free."

What a lucky fucking day for me! I raced home and placed it in a vase and every time I look at it I'm reminded of how much of a cheap fuck i am!

Try it out!



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