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The Emotional Support Shopping Basket

Have you ever walked into a store naively thinking "I don't need a basket I'm just getting one item"? But instead ended up with your hands full carrying 7 jars of Alfredo sauce while pushing a case of Dr. Pepper down the aisles of Market Basket with your foot? Then please, read on.

There is a point in a shopping journey where a shopper reaches the scientifically proven distance of being too far into the store to turn around to get a basket and also starts asking oneself "do I REALLY need one?" 97% of people do not turn around at this point and will continue to struggle to carry their items to the checkout line.

But there is relief! You can feel a semblance of comfort knowing the Virtual Emotional Support Shopping Basket is here for you as you journey through your grocery trip. Access your virtual basket at anytime during your shopping trip for mental support. Carry on shopping legend you've got this!

"When I collapsed in the milk aisle last week with my grocery items sprawled around me, thoughts of 'this is why you should've gotten a basket! Now look what happened!' swirled through my head. Another shopper stopped and offered to put me and my groceries in their cart and I almost took up the offer until I remembered I had my Virtual Emotional Support Shopping Basket. I was able to get up, collect my assortment of artisan cheeses and make it to the cashier on my own!" - Ted, local shopper



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