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Directions: You Are Now Passing The Fry Shack For The 17th Time

Welcome driver! Thanks for choosing our map application to get you to The Fry Shack on L Street. Just taking a *quick* peek at your driving history here and looks like you tend to get rerouted fairly often. We've assembled our best employees to give you hands on directions directly from one of our navigational satellites in space. Just keep the voice feature activated so you don't miss any turns!

You are now approaching your destination. In 200 feet take a right.

Woah there! Looks like you just flew by it.

Alright no biggie, jump back on the express way and we'll just do a loop.

Alright here you come again! It's coming up on your right! Honk if you see it!

Cool you honked which means you see it!

Woah woah where you going!

Alright no biggie. We'll just do another one of those loops just remember it's on your right and it's called THE FRY SHACK. It's got that giant neon sign of a french fry with an arrow. We can see it up here in space you can't miss it.

Good good, you're coming in a little fast though, just slow it down. Wave if you see the sign. OK you waved that's good.

Keep going you're almost there now ease up on the gas and take a right!

Woah looks like you went a little too far! Watch out for that whale and sit tight while we reroute you.

Alright here we go! We're back on the express way. Now we're going to do the same thing as before. Once you loop off the express way The Fry Shack is on you're RIGHT.

Woah woah looks like you're heading the wrong way!

Alright you know what no biggie! Just call in an order to The Fry Shack for delivery and tell them you're in middle of the public park across the street.



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