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How TO Stop Hitting Snooze on your alarm and seize the day

Stop hitting snooze and instead seize the day! This short step-by-step guide will have you out of bed on the first ding guaranteed!

1. Start with simply hitting the "off" button on your alarm.

2. No not this one, the one you set to wake up.

3. Not this one either! The one you set to wake up.

4. It looks like this:

5. Where are you now?! Don't worry about this security alarm, he's a professional, he's got it covered. Turn the one you set to wake up off!

6. This isn't even an alarm but don't touch that bell! It looks old. Go home and turn off your alarm!

7. Not the home alarm! The ALARM!

8. YES that's the one!

7. Wait no why you back here! Ugh just forget it, it looks like you already left your house so continue on!



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