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Concerns on the New "curve ahead" Road signs


To whom it may concern,

This is the first sign I encountered

I hate to be a pain, but I was driving down Route 101 last night when I noticed new safety signs were implemented. I know the budget was cut this year but it looked to me that the images on the "curve ahead" signs were actually just spaghetti noodles. While I understand noodles are curvy by nature, it was difficult to gauge what kind of turn was actually coming. At one point I thought I was losing my mind. I came across a sign with a fork that said "oops we put this up by accident". If it was put up by accident then how did it already have text on it?

This was the posted by accident sign
This was the last one I encountered

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but a simple "Curve ahead" sign with no images probably would get the point across. Again, I'm no expert but really all the signs did for me was make me hungry for spaghetti.


Confused driver


Dear confused driver,

I'm sorry the new signs were confusing. We're really proud of them! And as long as you had a general idea that a curve was coming then we consider them a success!

A little history on the signs, these are actually hand spun bucatini noodles that our office assistant Randy brought in for lunch. We couldn't quite figure out how to draw a squiggly line on the computer so we figured just taking snapshots of Randy's bucatini noodles would suffice. The signs make us hungry as well!

Anyway, safe travels!



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