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Laundry Tutorial: folding a fitted sheet

Folding a fitted sheet can feel like the unicorn of laundry items but it doesn't have to be an elusive pipe dream. Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial that will leave you with just buying a new pre-folded sheet instead!

1. Look at this picture. Start with doing what this person is doing. I know this is a sweater but the basic mechanics of folding are the same. Just kind of roll it around!

2. OK keep going! You're doing great. Here's a picture of perfectly folded sheets for inspiration.

3. Oh no! What's this? Tell this guy to stop taking a nap on your sheet you've got a job to do!

4. Here's some more perfectly folded sheets for inspiration, keep going! Fold the corners in tight!

5. Nothing is wrong with the washing machine, focus back on the sheet!

6. Now is not the time for cake!

7. Take a look at this technique again, look how the sheet is folded into a square.

8. What's this? Are you buying a new pre-folded fitted sheet instead?!

9. Aw alright, well, let's just roll the sheet back into a ball and stuff it to the bottom of the hamper. Enjoy your new pre-folded fitted sheet!



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